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This is a community where you can post whatever you want!! Well along the lines of live journal. This is a community based on Green Day!! Because I love em!!

Post anything you want in here and I mean anything!!
-If you somehow ran into one of them or all of them post it!! Make some people go insane!!
-If you had a dream about them post it!!
-You can post pictures of them, off line, or at concerts, talk about them, anything you can think of!!

Of course you can post off of topic!! This is just a place to chat and enjoy yourself!! And if someone freaks out that you posted off of topic then yell back at them for posting that you posted off topic!! LOL!!! Just keep some rules in like like:

- No being the worst person in the world if someone posts something stupid or not!! Just if your gonna post back to them...Be gentle about!!
- Have tons of fun!!
-And thats it!! Only 2 rules!! That's not to hard now is it?? Thanks!!

Green Day is idiot love <3.